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How To Play Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Using The R4i 3DS Card

It didn't yield continued afterwards the absolution of the Nintendo 3DS for the acute humans abaft the r4i gold 3ds r4ids.cn Agenda to appear up with a new agenda for this new 3D handheld. The R4i 3DS agenda is the homebrew agenda for the newest animate from Nintendo. However, it works alone in DS approach for now, which agency you can play all of your admired DS homebrew amateur and applications on the Nintendo 3DS.Those of us who in fact advance and accomplish freeware homebrew amateur for the DSi are agilely cat-and-mouse for the newest adaptation of the card, which will accredit us to affairs and actualize 3DS specific homebrew games. But for now, at atomic we can adore our approved ds amateur that we've apparently all gotten acclimated to getting able to play.
Just how do you in fact play homebrew games? Well, the buy r4i gold 3ds card firmware acquiesce you to use a micro sd card, to both store, and afresh load, all of the files on the micro sd card. Essentially acceptance you to actualize a multi armament of your admired amateur and applications, with a ambrosial abundant absolute bulk of accumulator - because you can bound bandy out a micro SD agenda that is abounding of your stuff, and put in a bare card, that is accessible to be abounding up again.Micro SD cards are adequately cheap. With 4 gig cards that you can get for beneath than $10.00 these days. Sometimes, you can even acquisition deals on 8GB cards, for just about $12.00. This is what makes the R4 DS cards so abuse ambrosial to anybody who brand to do added than just play the accepted abundance bought games.
So welcome, this is my hub about the Nintendo 3DS, and added specifically, the R4i 3DS Card. I'll be reviewing some amazing homebrew games, applications, both for the Nintendo DS and the new 3DS system. So accumulate advancing aback generally to get the latest updates.
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R4i Gold 3DS Flash Cart With RTS Mark Released

The r4i gold 3ds card official site has released the news that the r4i gold 3ds card with RTS mark is official released.

News from the official site

The new R4i gold 3DS with “RTS” mark is releasing ! (2013.02.27)

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R4i gold 3ds How can be able to play GBA games with R4i gold 3ds

R4i gold 3ds(also named R4ids,R4i gold 3ds.cn Gold) is a modern slot-1 flash flashcard released by r4ids.cn team.It is a high compatibility product with low price . Many GBA users wanna to know how to make it available to play gba game with the R4i gold 3ds.

Yeah, you can, just need a slot-2, you may need to purchase the EZ-flash 3 in 1.

Step1: Download the latest wood R4 firmware, unzip it,put the folder “”__rpg” and the file “_DS_MENU.DAT” into the root of the SD card.

Step2: Download the GBA Exploader,r4i-sdhc 3ds, Unzip it, then put these two files “GBA_ExpLoader.ini” and “GBA_ExpLoader_058b0_MX.nds” into the root of your SD card.

Step3: Create a new folder named “GBA” in the root of your SD card then put some GBA games in it.

Step4: Insert your r4 gold card for 3ds and SD card into DSL console, insert the ez flash 3-in-1 expansion card into the slot-2.

Step5: Power on it,r4i-sdhc 3ds, click the file “ “GBA_ExpLoader_058b0_MX.nds”After that, you can enjoy GBA games.
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R4i Gold 3DS new patch released!

The r4i gold 3ds team released a patch again, it is for DSi/XL V1.45 and for those R4i Gold 3DSrevision (6,7,8,9,A,C) cards. have to say, it is a little surprise me, i know the r4i gold 3ds team never give up for processing new patch to help users enjoy more fun, but i thought they released patch once, so will not release another patch again.. I am very happy because i see a good team~!

The new patch for DSi/XL V1.45 is releasing!(2013-01-23)
This new patch is only for DSi/XL V1.45, it’s applied for those R4i Gold 3DS revision (6,7,8,9,A,C) cards, We are still working on 3DS V4.5.0-10 patch for few old revision cards, will release another patch very soon, thanks for your patience…

Look forward their 3DS v4.5.0-10 patch for few old version cards! Believe they can break that soon!

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R4i Gold 3DS newest wood kernel v1.58 is available to download

As we know, R4i Gold cart for Nintendo 3DS/DSI/DSL/DS is generally considered one of the best flash kits at the moment. It supports the newest Nintendo 3DS v5.1.0-11 and DSi v1.45 system firmware without any upgrade patches. And it supported by great Wood Kernel team. Today, the R4i Gold 3DS team officially released the newest wood kernel v1.58 and it is available to download now. Please see the change log below for more information.
Change log (WOOD R4 V1.5(a):
– fatfs updated to 0.09b.

– sound fixed after exit from gameyob.
– ‘cooking mama world combo pack vol. 2 (europe)’ fixed.

R4i specific:
– rts still in beta stage.
– improved rts state saving/loading.
– fixed bug that cause freeze after leaving rts menu in following games:
rune factory – a fantasy harvest moon
speed racer – the videogame
final fantasy tactics a2 – grimoire of the rift nameless game, the soul bubbles
rayman – raving rabbids – tv party
flower, sun and rain – murder and mystery in paradise
phantasy star 0
fighting fantasy – the warlock of firetop mountain
dragon quest ix – sentinels of the starry skies

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R4i Gold 3DS newest wood kernel v1.59b released

News from r4i gold 3ds official site:r4ids.cn. This wood kernel is not for original r4 ds as it has many rts function update, but original r4 ds don’t have rts function. Here is the details:

WOOD R4 V1.59 Released,please download for your R4i GOLD card (for Both R4i Gold 3DS and R4i gold Non-3DS cards)…

Change log (WOOD R4 V1.59):
rts still in beta stage.
improved timers state saving/loading.
read/write core rewritten – about x10 launch/save/load speedup.
launching – 1s,

All the r4i gold 3ds right now has rts function, this is great though it maybe a little instable, but the r4i gold team always work hard on perfecting it. r4i gold 3ds is the best card in r4 series, with best quality and cheap price.

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